Talent Mapping Services provided by Leading Cadre HR is a tailor made recruitment solution which is ideally suitable for clients who want to gather market information or manage their risk for critical positions taking into consideration its long term hiring goals. The objective is to identify high potential employees whose future development aligns with the clients strategic goals.

For critical positions where there is dearth of talent and the client wants the best talent to be hired will engage our services to collect market information about what kind of talent is available in the market from the competition or explore possibilities of hiring the right talent from other select industry who would fit into their company culture, skill sets, expertise, package and other criteria’s. This process is done confidentially with an objective to shortlist prospective candidates who would be keen for the role in the future , without actually interviewing them by the client. Thus clients would need recruiters who can do their job in not just hunting for the right fit but also interviewing the candidates on their behalf in advance and maintain the shortlist. This process saves valuable time and offers valuable insights into the market that can facilitate decision making in the case of Top and confidential positions.

Have You Ever Wondered? Our Talent Mapping Service Unravels:

  • Who are the key executives propelling competitors and market leaders?
  • What are the in-depth insights into their roles and reporting hierarchies?
  • Ever delved into a comprehensive career profile that unveils their remarkable journey?
  • Curious about the academic and qualification benchmarks that distinguish them?
  • What are the relevant nuggets of information shaping a holistic perspective?
  • Where are their geographical locations and spheres of influence?
  • How long have they held their current positions within their respective companies?

We are Leading Cadre HR will closely work with the client in understanding the exact requirement and then offer customized talent mapping services based specifically with  regards to the depth of research and information that needs to be collected and thus we have 2 packages that can be broadly customised

  1. Standard Talent Mapping Package : Name, age, qualification, Current Location, Willingness to relocate to a particular city, total work experience, Current company and designation, tenure in the current role, Current and Expected CTC, Notice period, candidates willingness to shift to a new company, notice period in current organisation
  2. In depth Talent Mapping Package : This includes all the information from the Standard package plus information gathered maintaining confidentially about the likelihood of the candidate joining the client in case of any future opening, his concerns and questions if any that need to be factored in for the necessary shift, his CTC structure details and expectations, his current profile.
  3. Niche Talent Mapping Package ( competitor specific) : When the client wants to specifically only hire talent from its competitors only. There for a specific role we collect data of all probable candidates who are working in same capacity , designation and who would be the ideal fit for the position offered by the client. Apart from all features offered in Premium package we go further and present to the client data of all candidates who are working in similar positions with competitor firms as per clients requirement. These roles are ideally shared with us for technical positions which are industry specific.

Discover the answers with our Talent Mapping service! Connect with us today. Your curiosity, our expertise – let’s uncover insights together!

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