Why you should consider including Employer Profile in your Social Media Strategy

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This article touches upon the importance of including and promoting employer profiles in a company's social media strategy and how it helps in building brand and attracting talent

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Anytime when individuals peruse online media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram in their spare time, they’re regularly not there to search for a Job opportunity – however that doesn’t mean they’re not open to it. In case you’re not exploiting social recruiting, you could be passing up on a significant chance to associate with your potential talent on the web. 

While most of the popular and major social platforms are designed for giving users a platform for discussion and entertainment, it’s critical to recall that there are interactive online platforms out there that are comparably determined by user generated content, yet are explicitly proposed for crowds zeroed in on business, career development, and employment. 

What a few group don’t consider is that business profiles and professional networking platforms – like say Linkedin, Indeed, and Quora – are additionally significant types of social media that offer important chances to feature your employer brand and associate with the available prospective talent. This is the reason you ought to deal with your employer profiles with a similar approach to your other online media platforms

Here are a couple of reasons you ought to include these platforms for your social recruiting strategy and tips for incorporating and using them to their maximum potential.

Always Present and maintain a Consistent and Engaging Employer Brand

When sharing your employer brand across your employer profiles and conversing with your target audience, you need to ensure you’re interacting consistently across all social media platforms. With anything you put on the web, your employer brand should look, feel, and convey a consistent message – irrespective of the platform. 

The only part of your employer brand that ought to be changing across your online profiles on different platforms is the changes or modifications you make to your language and messaging to tailor your content to that particular channel and its target audience. For instance, you would want to be more professional with your interactions with your target group on a platform like LinkedIn, yet more formal or professional language may be too stiff and a bit our of place while interacting with your audience on Facebook. As a basic guideline, employer brand ought to have a more professional tone and interacting style will in general lean more formal on these channels compared with other social media platforms, yet the general theme of your messaging and your employer brand should remain the same. 

Any successful social recruiting strategy would mean staying in touch with your audience and regularly posting meaningful content to stay on top of mind and your way to managing your professional social media platforms like linkedin, Indeed or Glassdoor should be the same. Try to be fresh in posting useful content about your employer brand with latest photographs of your employees or events and make sure to avoid copy and pasting old content from your website while introducing or informing about what your company does to your audience on the social media platform.

The content posted on your company first is the first introduction and exposure to your employer brand for candidates who may be new or trying to know you as a employer. Make sure the content posted is fresh, interesting and meaningful that would help the potential candidates to firm up their mind in making a choice to explore opportunities or work with your company

Best is to automate the process of posting consistent content on the social media platforms so that with one click you can post the content on all the chosen platforms. This is possible by integrating or using any type of automation between social media platforms and your employer profiles.This means there is no delay in posting content on any one platform and consistent content appears across social media platforms about your employer brand. 

Communicate with your potential candidates, let it not be a monologue

Once you set up your employer profile and social media profiles ensuring they look attractive  and enriched consistently with valuable contents, the next crucial step is to ensure that this platform becomes interactive where 2 way communication happens between the employer and the potential candidates or target audience.

Just like when any employee asks questions to the employer during the interview stage and the employer willingly answers the questions posed by the candidates, similarly the same attitude should carry over into the way you manage your employer profile and your social media.

Remember the audience on the other side would be completely new to your company , eager to know about you or a part of audience could be interested in giving you a feedback about their experience in dealing with you.  So your company should have someone to engage with the audience so that they are not neglected and through interaction and exchange of thoughts could be your potential new hires. Remember the person interacting on the other side could be someone who has never worked at your company or left your company on a bad note or could even be your competitor, so please ensure you have a clear strategy and a communication plan to deal with any negative comments or feedbacks as well.

Reviews are Important as well

Just like before buying a product on Amazon or Flipkart we read the online reviews and ratings and then decide to buy or not. Reviews help people decide whether they would want to associate with you and this is a natural thing which stems from the consumer side in all of us.

Thus employer profiles are public profiles and you will get reviews and ratings from the audience on your company’s culture, practices, compensation, attrition and here you don’t get to decide what they say. In this case the product that you are selling is your company and the current  job opportunities with your company and your potential talent is going to make decision based on reviews they read on the social platforms based on what other people are saying about you.

You should highlight reviews that are authentic to who you are. These reviews shouldn’t be just the ones that give you 5 star ratings all over or label you as a great place to work but the reviews you feature on the employer profiles should be those that offer more context and fair balance of opinions and reviews should not appear to be forced or in authentic.

Employer Profiles are no doubt a great method of interacting with your target audience and proves very crucial in social recruiting since there is a 2 way open and fair conversation happening between you as an employer and your potential talent.

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