How Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise recruitment

Leading Cadre HR - Artificial Intelligence
This article covers the buzz around AI and Machine Learning in the recruiting space and how it has eased the recruitment process through automation.

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The recruiting cycle has progressed significantly from the times of paper resumes , tapping candidates by cold calling via landlines. Online Job Portals are now staples in talent acquisition, yet Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are trembling up the recruiting method, and elevating the recruiting and hiring landscape

All vendors having realised the potential of AI and Machine learning are moving in that direction.

The power of AI lies in its capacity to deal with high volumes of information or data at lightning speed, improving productivity and efficiency for businesses. Those equivalent features and benefits can likewise be applied to the recruiting cycle.

Recruiting is about relationships

According to Undercover Recruiter, the top traits of a top recruiter are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Fluent communication skills
  3. Approachable demeanour
  4. A good listener
  5. Smart Sales skillsets
  6. Goal oriented
  7. Multitasker
  8. Patience

AI is not ready to outsmart or replace those key qualities and the human interaction required to be a recruiter, but it can certainly play a role in the recruitment process

Leading Cadre HR - Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential when it comes to recruiting, not to cut jobs, but rather to speed up hiring, eliminate manual tasks and make recruiters far more productive

As per Undercover Recruiter, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to substitute 16% of HR jobs in the following 10 years. While this doesn’t consequently mean you will be lacking a position, it implies that this will help free up recruiter’s time and make them more efficient and productive with the adoption of this technology.

Many organizations having realised the potential and benefits of AI have started implementing AI in some way or the other and nearly 38% of the companies believe AI and robotics will be fully implemented in their company in the next 5yrs

Let’s take a look at how AI can work and implement for recruitment

Career Site:

Is it possible that every candidate that visits your career site could interact with you, sounds impossible but with AI it is very much possible? AI can happen at the very first set the moment the candidate hits your site. Mya, Olivia, JobPal have widely used 3 examples of recruitment automation. These chatbots can replace recruiters and communicate directly with the candidates at different stages of the process, effectively converse where they are in the process, answering queries related to the job, scheduling interviews for qualified candidates, etc

Job Descriptions

The first thing every candidate is interested to know after knowing the brand is the Job Role or Job Description. The JD has to be carefully drafted giving all the necessary information about the role and the challenges, scope of learning, opportunities of growth, etc that would fire up desire and thus generate more positive interests in the position. In this regard, Textio is an augmented writing platform that can help to create highly effective and powerful job descriptions. The beauty is that Textio helps a recruiter know the performance of the job listing and guides on what needs to be done to better the performance of the listing.

Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing is perhaps the most prominent ways organizations utilize the technology in recruitment.

It helps identify where exactly the talent is that we are searching for. That technology is great at scraping social media platforms like say LinkedIn etc, scholastic data, and a wide range of sources to help pinpoint the talent segment that you are searching for.

That’s exactly a treat to the recruiters whose most critical task of laying hands-on talent in a highly competitive job market is made relatively easy.

The AI tools that are used in this space drastically reduce the time it takes to screen, source, and evaluate talent, thus supporting the recruiters to achieve a higher interview to Offer ratio. Pocket Recruiter, Arya, Avrio are a few of the bots that are evolving the arena of recruiting.

Prospective talent assessment and selection

At times it can be overwhelming for a Hiring Manager to scan and come up with a shortlist of candidates when receiving thousands of resumes for a single Job Position. That’s where AI can help screen volumes of resumes by using ATS (Applicants Tracking System) which helps to narrow down talent thus making the hiring process quicker and more efficient.

The second part of assessment and selection is less mature, herein there is a buzz of using algorithms to assess and make the final hire. There is a lot of debate and confusion in the recruitment space as it could lead to bias in the selection of the right candidate. However, that’s an area some organizations are experimenting with and the results will be interesting to watch.

However at the end of the day remember this: nothing replaces human touch and interaction. AI free up recruiters’ time which they can focus on what they are best at. AI is meant to expedite manual processes that consume a lot of time of the Hiring managers like scanning through thousands of resumes for one position. Even if the software is helping in reducing the time of hire, that’s not going to replace anybody. It’s just going to speed time to hire and maybe find a better talent at a lower price over time

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