How to improve your resume: Fix your Resume NOW!

how to improve a resume
This article will let you know all the important aspects to be covered while drafting your resume

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The resume is not only the first but a very important step in the selection process. Every candidate has to compete with hundreds of other candidates applying for the same position. We understand it’s quite frustrating to go through the process of Jobs Application and encounter rejection at the first step. In this article, we will spot the mistakes and correct them to improve your resume. Together we will study your existing profile and improve your resume by making necessary edits or modifications. We would simply discuss 3 topics namely

  1. Visual Presentation
  2. Content writing
  3. Smart tips post drafting the resume

In the end, we assure you will be happy in building a powerful resume & a successful resume. Just follow the guidelines as suggested below:

Improve your resume: work on the visual look and format

Pls, do the following

  1. Go online and browse resume templates to understand how a carefully drafted resume looks like. Download a free or paid resume template that is modern and elegant based on your liking. This will automatically ensure your resume document stays in a proper format. If your document is in proper format then you can skip this step
  2. Secondly, we would encourage you to install a chrome extension called Grammarly. This extension is free and once installed & activated will automatically help you correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  3. Keep your resume as concise as possible – 2 to 3 pages is ideal. However, more than 4 pages are too long.
  4. Use clear typeface and plenty of white space to avoid overcrowding. Your resume must be easy to read to keep interest levels high.
  5. Avoid using images as far as possible so as to reduce the size of the file and maintain proper formatting. In case you are using a premium resume template then you can follow the guidelines in resizing/uploading images or icons.

Improve your resume by planning and focus on the Quality of content

We all know content is king!. While improving your CV we are referring to the Employment History, Accomplishments, Certifications, Training, etc.

Work Employment

  1. Always list your employment in reverse chronological order over the last 10 years.
  2. Make sure you include Job title, name of the organization, type of business, city, and dates of employment in your CV.
  3. List your Responsibilities and Achievements, the most important first. Remember to elaborate and highlight those areas that are particularly relevant to the position in consideration.
  4. In case you have elevations in designations or promotions within a company then do mention the growth path. This will present you as a performer and a potential asset to the potential employer. Many times candidates just mention the designation at the time of leaving the organization. Candidates with a proven track record of performance will always stand a better chance than others.
  5. Do mention the designation of your reporting authority that would fairly present your current level in the department hierarchy. This is essential as different companies have different grades and designations.

Importance of relevant Keywords

  1. Pls specifically incorporate relevant keywords in your resume that the potential employer would be looking at. For Eg, while hiring for Plant HR Head, the recruiter would be looking at candidates working in the Factory. The role may demand experience in areas like handling “employee grievance”, “labor laws”, “plant HR”, “employee relations” etc. So a candidate possessing the necessary skills but has not mentioned the experience in plant HR will not be shortlisted. A smart candidate will then modify his/her CV and incorporate his prior experience in Plant HR. The candidate will thus improve his/her chances of shortlisting.

Avoid these misrepresentations

  1. Do not fake your work experience or employment details to avoid embarrassment at a later stage. The HR selection process usually incorporates a background verification process so candidates should be careful in this regard.
  2. Avoid excessive narrative & also Avoid self-opinion and aim to include facts and evidence.

Add additional details

  1. Mention any relevant professional memberships as well as any contributions made to professional organizations.
  2. We suggest candidates should prepare their profile on LinkedIn and provide a link of the same in their resume. Words of appreciation from the references or senior professionals/ reporting authority will be seen in a positive light.
  3. Do include bullet points about your personality, characteristics, and strengths.
  4. For freshers, any experience to your credit will be seen in a good light. The experience may not be specifically relevant but should depict your capacity to work. So do not hesitate to include the same to improve your resume

SMART TIPS: to implement after the resume is ready to send

  1. Apply Apply, no reply! This happens when you blindly and without studying the job profile keep shooting your resumes. Pls exercise control and apply only if you feel confident and interested to JOIN the company.
  2. In case you are planning to quit your current company before completing a year, It would be a better idea to discuss the reasons for leaving with the recruitment consultant. The consultant in his capacity will guide you and discuss the concerns constructively with the company HR and take things ahead.
  3. Do not boast about your contact with the HR or seniors in the potential employer. Be patient, honest, and humble. First, Build trust with the Hiring Manager, then explore your prospects with the future employer.
  4. Do not overstate your salary expectations at the application stage. Keep it open, If you are not sure of exactly where you would willingly let go of the offer. Always keep the door open for negotiations. First, let both the parties need to like each other, post that salary can be discussed and negotiated

In a nutshell, Your resume will decide whether or not you are selected for an interview. A good CV will show the recruiter that you have taken the time and effort to apply for the role. A bad document will show sloppiness and a lack of commitment which should be avoided at any cost.

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We wish you all the best!

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